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This is my personal website with just enough information for people who know what they want to be able to contact me. I design

and build Stainless Steel products at my shop. My items are in dozens of movies, shows and commercials.  I also teach people how

not get hacked and stay safe online and keep your home/business networks safe. If you need something else please contact me below.


Available for hire for the following services. Design/Build featuring stainless steel.

www.cstainless.com - Company Site

www.instagram.com/dmtstainless - Media/Pictures

www.facebook.com/dmtstainless - Media/Pictures


Years of Experience 

Welding (Tig, Mig etc...) - 25 Years.

Metal Fabrication (Design, Layout, Shear, Bend etc...) - 25 Years

High-Tech Fabrication (WaterJet, EDM, CNC, Robotics, Automation, ShotPeen, Laser CO2 Cutting) - 20 Years

Design/CAD/3-D Visualization/CAM (AutoCAD, SolidWorks etc...) 15 Years


Computer Programming (C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Perl, PHP etc...) 20 Years

Computer Engineering (Case Design, Hardware Interfacing, Cooling, Overclocking, Liquid Nitrogen Cooling) 20 Years

Custom High End PC Building (If you want a real PC that will last you for years I will build you one. You have no idea what you are missing.) - 20 Years


Marine Ship Operations in Cruise Line Industry (Design, build stainless projects through Cruise Line industry. Way too many to list. Drydock experience throughout the world.) - 15 Years

General Construction (Framing, Plumbing, Electrical, Woodworking, Retro-fit, Re-Model.) Both Building and Running Projects in excess of $250,000 throughout the world - 15 Years

"Hacking" - 25 Years


Product Design and Marketing (If you bought something on Amazon and are here now. Hello.) - 10 Years

 Local Consultation Quandary Prescriptions 


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Is your computer broken? Use the following links.


BitDefender - Free Anti-Virus

Malware Bytes anti Malware - Free Anti-Malware

CCleaner - Cleaning and Maintenance 

Use Dropbox from now on. - Backups and Storage

Get rid of Windows - Ubuntu


Use A Secure  VPN.






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